Circa 1894, Lanark County's newest Day Spa's mission is to provide a comfortable atmosphere in which clients can relax their body, mind and spirit, reconnecting their daily lives to their true purpose through a range of holistic possibilities including the use of hot/cold tubs, saunas, quiet time, massage and Reiki. At Circa 1894, both men and women can escape the stresses of life and rejuvenate their energies.

    Plan for a memorable getaway, whether it be for an hour, a day, an overnight or multi-night stay; achieved through affordable, friendly hospitality, in a clean, safe, relaxed, holistic and professional environment.

    Click here for info on our B&B, where we provide healthy options, local and/or organic food choices, whenever possible, with quiet attention to our clients' individual needs.  


    With our friendly, professional service and our social and environmental mindfulness, Circa 1894 Day Spa's goal is to keep you coming back. Through special lighting, music, decor and with attention to detail throughout the B&B and Day Spa, we aim to ensure that your overall experience will exceed your expectations; that you go away feeling nurtured and pampered and that you'll come back and bring your friends!

    To help insure a relaxing experience, please note that Circa 1894 Day Spa is an adult only facility and that guests must be 18 and over. Our entire facility is designed for rest, rehabilitation and recharge.