Only Reiki Treatments ($85 per one hour treatment) are available at this time in the Church

Please check back here for further developments.

Optional ADDITIONS: 

Oxygen Therapy - $10.00 per 15 minutes and $15.00 for 1/2 hour, during your Reiki visit.

New Cannulas (nose pieces for use with Oxygen Therapy), for personal use, are available - $3.00 (bring it back for reuse).

iHeart report:  $5.00  during Reiki visit. 

"iHeart was created as a tool to help people measure Internal Age and Aortic Stiffness and therefore realize the personal power they have to change their health and wellness. It was developed to give people an ability to monitor their bodies, encouraging behavior to feel well, avoid illness and live long lives.​" More info on the device can be found by clicking here.

Goggles, for use during NIR Infrared sessions, are available for purchase - $10.00 a pair (reusable) or they can be borrowed no charge (all goggles have been sanitized for your safety).

Note: While temporarily not available, Lunches booked ahead, when they return, are $17.50; High Tea, $7.50 (tea or coffee and savoury or desert); Gourmet Coffee and Dessert - depending on the season, in front of the fireplace or on the deck - $10.00 each. 

Registered Massage Therapy, (receipts for insurance purposes available for massages and Reiki only) - Note that only Reiki is currently available.

Reiki: $85.00, plus HST, includes use of the Spa facilities for one hour before or after your treatment.

(Massage not currently available) 

Relaxation Massage: $99.99, plus HST, includes use of the Spa facilities for one hour before or after your visit.

Deep Tissue Massage: $99.99, plus HST, includes use of the Spa facilities for one hour before or after your visit.

Swedish Massage: $99.99, plus HST, includes use of the Spa facilities for one hour before or after visit.

Hot Stone Massage: $125.00, plus HST, includes use of the Spa facilities for one hour before or after visit.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Not Currently Available:

In order to confirm Monika for the following modalities, a 2 hour session OR a minimum of 2 treatments, one after the other, must be booked: Cost is $99.00 for each of the 1 hour treatments and $185.00 for a single 2 hour treatment. Access to the Spa Facility for one hour, before or after your treatment, is included in the price - use of tubs and saunas. (Please note that Monika is a Naturotherapist, not an RMT and your insurance may not provide coverage in Ontario): 

Chinese Style Body Work

Using a combination of essential oils, reflexology & deep tissue work, with counter-friction & shaking for a deeply relaxing effect that lasts. 


Because all of our body's myriad of reflex points are located in the feet (also the hands, ears and scalp) you can actually feel like you had an entire body workout just by having your feet properly worked on. 

Intuitive Work

After years of listening to bodies, tuning in, feeling tissue response to my touch have all taught me to respect and to tread lightly(while still being able to do deep tissue work) on each and every body that ends up on my table.

 Lymphatic Drainage Therapy

For cellulite treatments, pain & swelling due to injury or surgery, ie. Mastectomy, plastic surgery, PMS pain & discomfort, Fibrocystic (lumpy) breasts.

Pelvic Release Work

Our bodies pivotal point, from here we do everything and it needs some specific releases to function optimally, especially critical for women.

Breast Congestion Work

This area is “grand central” to our lymphatic system; crucial to our health and usually ignored!

Scar & Adhesions Breakup

When you can’t get an adjustment or treatment to hold, maybe there is old scar tissue growing and ‘cementing’ structures in your body.

Myofascial Release

For injuries, decreased mobility, scar tissue, repetitive strain, decompress joins, spine & neck, restore your ability to move.

Note that none of the following packages are available at this time.

SWEET TEMPTATION - In season only

Temple’s Sugar Bush is partnering with Circa 1894 to offer our guests 10% off breakfast, brunch or lunch, at the Pancake House. Maple season usually runs from March through April. Temple’s is open Wednesday to Sunday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m, in season. They are changing it up this year by offering a buffet on the weekend, while continuing with menu offerngs from Wednesday through Friday.

Come relax, rejuvenate and regenerate using Circa 1894's Hot tubs and Saunas, then head over to Temple’s for a fabulous lunch or, alternately, book into the B&B for an evening of quiet relaxation and a good sleep, waking up to a hearty breakfast and time in the Day Spa, before heading out to enjoy a late lunch at Temple’s on your way back home. This is a great opportunity to explore a part of the Highlands and take in some of what it has to offer, while escaping the ordinary.

Temple’s is a family owned Pancake House Restaurant and Maple Farm in the heart of Lanark County, the Maple Syrup Capital of Ontario. Located in a working sugar bush, their restaurant is a spectacular 200 seat timber frame building made by local craftsmen. They offer a wide variety of breakfast and brunch selections and pride themselves on making their food using the highest quality fresh ingredients. While there, enjoy a walk on their sugar bush trailClick here to view their 2018 Maple Menu.

The discount is available on request from Circa 1894 with any length of Spa or B&B visit, for use the same day, one per guest.



Come Pamper Yourself with a full Day at the Spa (includes use of saunas - FAR, NIR and Finnish); use of Robe and Slippers; Lunch, with the option of a relaxing glass of wine from Scheuermann Vineyard & Winery, plus High Tea with the option of chocolate from Hummingbird Chocolates, whose motto is: "Industrious, not Industrial." They craft small batches of dark chocolate directly from cacao beans in their small workshop, taking our time to do it right.

The package also includes a  1/2 hour Oxygen Therapy session and your profile sign-up to the iHeart APP (as seen on The Dragon's Den), which measures your internal age.

Completing the package is a souvenir coffee mug or t-shirt - $120.00

DELUXE RELAXATION PACKAGE - Spa, Wine, Chocolate & Massage Combo - Not currently available

Add a Swedish Relaxation or Deep Tissue Massage to your relaxation effort. Our Massage Therapists are registered and a receipt is available. The package includes use of tubs, NIR and FAR Infra-red saunas and a Finnish Sauna; use of Robe & Slippers; Lunch, including a glass of wine from Scheuermann Vineyard & Winery; High Tea with chocolate from local chocolatier, Hummingbird Chocolates. They craft small batches of dark chocolate directly from cocoa beans in their workshop in Almonte.

During your Day Visit, enjoy a 1/2 hour Oxygen Therapy session and set up your profile on the iHeart App (measures your internal age, as seen on The Dragon's Den). A souvenir mug or t-shirt completes the package. $210.00

Please see Circa 1894 B&B and Day Spa website for accommodation packages. Click here.


$200.00 Weekly membership, HST extra - visit as often/long as you like in any consecutive 7 day period, by reservation.

$400.00 Monthly membership, HST extra - visit as often/long as you like in a consecutive 30 day period, by reservation.

Circa 1894 Passes - consider as a gift for someone who deserves a break:

6 - 1/2 day (4 hour) passes, $225.00 (HST extra). No expiry. 

6 - Day Passes, $300.00 (HST extra). No Expiry. 


  • Cancellations permitted & full refund issued, if received 48 hours or more before appointment time.

  • For cancellations within 48 hours of appointment, credit can be applied to rebooked time.

    Hours of Operation: 

    Open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily, by appointment only.

    Please note that we are an Adults Only facility and that smoking and pets are not permitted on the property.

During your visit, the facility will be closed to other guests. Further, for everyone's safety, the facility will be thoroughly sanitized before arrival of new guests.